The Return of Paul Jarrett
"Like some real-life Private Ryan...'The Return of Paul Jarrett' is a moving tribute to the men that fought (WW1)...Jarrett captures the war's horror...a dazzling documentary"

- Bruce Watson - New Hampshire Gazette

This documentary is a very personal account of one of the last gentlemen of a dying era. In fact, Paul Jarrett will forever be remembered in the annals of American history as the last WWI veteran to ever return to the battlefields of France.

Complete with archival footage and intimate interviews with Great War veterans this film won over thirty Best Documentary awards at film festivals all around the country.

The Great War...

Ten years in the making, this award-winning documentary is the only one of its kind and, more importantly, the last of its kind. Lieutenant Jarrett, a company hand-to-hand combat expert with the heroic 42nd “Rainbow Division," was wounded three times while serving in France along the "Western Front" from 1917-1918.

70 Years Later...

We follow 93 year old Paul Jarrett, a decorated American World War I veteran, as he returns to trenches of France to visit those nightmarish days and nights of the Great War.

During his quest to find the actual sites where he stood as a young 22 year old officer, French villagers are amazed to see this ancient warrior in their midst as they have only read about "American Doughboys" in history books. Their reaction to his spontaneous arrival reveals the love and affection the French people still have for all Americans that defended their country three-quarters of a century earlier. ( Lt. Jarrett is seated first at the far left, 2nd row, with the long white swagger stick)

One Year Later...

Paul returns to France once again and is celebrated as few Americans have been when a street is named in his honor.

Seven years later, the French government bestows upon Lieutenant Paul Jarrett -- now age 101--its highest decoration for bravery: Knight of the Legion of Honor.

Don’t let this moving educational history documentary pass you by!

Educate yourself, your children, students or customers about this important and little understood conflict in Europe from 1914 to 1918 called World War I!

The Return of Paul Jarrett DVD